About Me

Hi there! My name is Ahmed, A hybrid graphic designer and web developer based in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been working in the industry for more than 7 years.

You know, it’s always great to learn and develop new skills, and that’s what I’m working on. I started my career as an IT technician, it wasn’t that bad after all, but I was eager to leave my print in the work I’m doing; with IT, I couldn’t do that much, since my work involved ready steps, do it this way, or else, it won’t work; you know what I mean, right?

That’s when I decided to learn graphic design, I thought I could do more with it, there’re still some kind of repetitive tasks, but there’s no right or wrong way, what’s wrong for someone, might be creative for others! I really liked this :)

After 3 years as a graphic designer, I started to feel like my IT past is hunting me, this time, it tells me to come back and to do more with IT! My response was a question I asked myself (How about coding then?).

As many out there, I was afraid of this world, world of coding, looked like a maze to me. I decided to trick my mind and start watching tutorials as they were movies! I was always reminding myself that you’re watching to enjoy, not to learn; so, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Time went by, and I started to feel more comfortable about code, I started with html, css, and then js. I can tell you, it feels like you’re a God when you have the power to tell the machine what to do, and it’s fun. ;)

I didn’t stop there, I wanted to learn more; that’s why I started to look for more advanced topics, currently I’m into AI, and machine learning. I’m trying to learn python and how to do the stuff with this simple, yet powerful language.

You know what, enough about me, what about you? It’s always great to have you here, feel free to look around, there are other pages though.

Pssst, you can drop me a line whenever you feel like saying hi. Check out Contact page ;)